The Verandah

842 West 36th Street , The Avenue in Hampden Baltimore, MD 21211

Goa is a small state along the westem coast of India, It was a Portuguese colony prior to 1961. The Portuguese influence is evident in its well preseNed architecture, culture and food. Goan food is an amaqamation of several Portuguese i’ltroduced ingredients such as wines and vinegars and Indian spices and cooking techniques using local ingredients such as coconut and seafood.

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The Verandah Menu(s)

BALTIMORE RESTAURANT WEEK MENU  •  $Lunch $25 & Dinner $45

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Lunch & Dinner Menu


Goan Thali 45


Sol Kadhl

This is a cold appetizer drink made with coconut milk, green chillies and kokum or Garcinia Indica. It aids digestion and is enjoyed by itself or with rice.


Fish Fry

Marinated fish steaks, rolled in semolina and pan fried


Goan Fish Curry

White fish cooked in a tangy curry, made flavorful with fresh grated coconut, coconut milk and a blend of spices like black peppercorn, coriander seeds, cumin to name a few


Prawns Balchao

It is fiery prawns pickle made using vinegar. Scarcity of seafood during the monsoons led to pickling of prawns that had a long shelf life and could be enjoyed all around the year.






Goan Bebinca

A layered coconut milk cake spiced with nutmeg, with a coconut caramel drizzle.