Black Olive

814 South Bond Street Baltimore, MD 21231

After a renovation of the Fells Point General Store in 1997, The Black Olive sits in quaint elegance on the cobblestone section of Bond Street in old Fells Point, Baltimore’s waterfront Jewel. Though the restaurant itself is twenty years old, the spirit from which it springs holds a story that stretches through multiple generations.

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Black Olive Menu(s)

The Black Olive 3 - Course Menu  •  $$45.00 per person

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Small Greek Village Salad

Traditional tomato and feta salad with cucumber, bell peppers, red onion, and kalamata black olives


Black Olive Taste Plate

Our four traditional spreads: tarama, tzatziki, melitzanasalata and hummus on cucumber


Grilled Sardine in Grape Leave

Fresh sardine fileted & wrapped in grape leaves and brushed with olive oil, grilled to perfection


Lamb Meatballs

Greek style lamb meatballs with Tzatziki sauce


Chicken Souvlaki

Free Range Chicken skewered and grilled to perfection, served with tzatziki for dipping


Grilled Octopus Salad (add 8)

Straight from the sea, pounded, marinated, grilled octopus tossed with fresh red onions and capers



Whole Mediterranean Sea Bass

This Mediterranean favorite known as Lavraki, Bronzini, or Loup de Mare feeds on shrimp, which comes through in the taste. It is low in oil content and slightly flakey, but firm, in texture


Wild Rockfish in Cornmeal

This is our local favorite. Also known as Striped Bass, it is full of flavor with moderate oil content and slightly firm texture. Sautéed in organic corn meal


Arctic Char

This Icelandic delicious cross between salmon and trout is perfect from our grill.


Mushroom Spanakopita

Shitake & Maitake Mushroom, spinach, red swiss chard, leeks, sheep’s milk cheeses in a homemade phyllo


Soft Shell Crab in Phyllo

A Maryland whale softshell crab wrapped in phyllo with spinach and feta


Filet Mignon Souvlaki

Prime tenderloin skewered and grilled to perfection, served with tzatziki for dipping


Chilean Sea Bass (add 15)

Sustainable wild-caught, flakey and flavorful. Sauteed in organic cornmeal


Black Olive Lobster Pasta (whole add 25)

Fresh pasta tossed in a white wine, tomato and tarragon-based sauce finished with just a touch of cream and topped with a whole Maine lobster tail


Whole Dover Sole (add 25)

This genuine, fresh, Dover Sole is very hard to find. Its outstanding flavor comes with a sweet aftertaste. It is firm in texture and very low in oil content. Sautéed



Baklava Ice Cream
Chocolate Mousse
Sorbet of the Day

Children Restaurant Week
U-12 Kids Meal 18$
Choice of:

Hummus taste
Tarama Taste
Grilled Chicken
House Fettuccini
Chocolate Mouse
House Sorbet
All mini size