EDR Eat.Drink.Relax

1001 Cathedral Street Baltimore, MD 21201

Building a bar to dream of had been a major goal for us. Coupling comfort with style, we feel like we’ve achieved creating a space where everyone can EAT, DRINK & RELAX.

EDR Eat.Drink.Relax Menu(s)

Brunch  •  $15; $20 ;$25

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Main | Choice of:

The Moody Blues


Apple Pie Stuffed French Toast


Gumbo ‘N’ Grits


Crabby Benedict


Side | Choice of:

Brown Sugar Crunch Oatmeal

Strawberry Blues Parfait

Seasonal Fresh Fruits

Dinner  •  $55

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Airline Chicken Breast

Crab Relleno

The Filet 8oz

Side | Choice of:

Drunken Sweet Potatoes

House Frites

Mac & Cheese


Crispy Brussels


Whipped Garlic Potatoes



All Dinner options comes with a choice of a side and Strawberry Cheesecake Wontons for



It is with great pleasure that we introduce ourselves… We are EDR! Eat, Drink & Relax. Customer
service is our top priority and if there is anything that does not meet your satisfaction, please feel
no pressure in letting us know. Within our means, we will do our best to accommodate you.
Because we take pride in the way we’ve created our menu, we cannot deviate from the way we
prepare our menu items. Customizations are not allowed and all tiketed food items are final sale,
no refund. 18% gratuity is added to every order. If you have any food allergies or taste preferences,
please let your server know prior to placing your order.